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Cards for Hospitalized Kids (CFHK) is a charitable organization that spreads hope, joy & magic to hospitalized kids across America through uplifting, handmade cards. They distribute cards to Children's Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses (RMH) across the country in all 50 states. CFH distribute "general" cards monthly as well as holiday cards for major holidays.

​Using the guidelines, individuals and groups donate their time and creativity to make handmade cards and send them to CFHK for distribution. Anyone is able to get involved, regardless of location. Learn more about Cards for Hospitalized Kids here.

What supplies do I need?

The only supplies you need are paper and a writing utensil, such as crayons, markers etc.

What rules are there, regarding supplies?
The only rule regarding craft supplies is that nothing is excessive to the point of falling off. This is extremely important, as it can create health concerns for some patients. To see if this is an issue, typically just running your finger over it and seeing how much rubs off will suffice. If little or nothing comes off, it is OK. This is especially true for glitter.

Addressing the card:
Since we do not yet know the child's name, please make sure you do not address the card to a specific person.

If you want to address the card, or writing within the card, here are some suggestions:

"Hey There"
"Hey you!"
"To: a very special person"

Decide what to write on the card:
At the request of hospitals, we ask you not to write "Get well", "Feel Better" or other illness related comments. This is very important since some of the patients suffer from medical conditions that are chronic, life-long, progressive and/or terminal.

We recommend that you write uplifting messages such as:

Stay strong
You are awesome
Never forget how amazing YOU are
You rock
I hope you have a great day today
You shine brighter than the sun
You inspire me
Be Brave
I believe in YOU
You can also come up with your own uplifting comments.

Make sure that you do not...
Other than signing your first name, please do not include any personal information, such as: phone number, address, email address etc.

Hospitals will not allow us to distribute cards with this information.

Write any religious comments such as "God Bless" or "I'm praying for you". Hospitals do not allows us to distribute cards with these comments. Hospitals treat patients of all religions as well as patients that do not practice religion, which is why they do not allow us to give out cards containing religious comments.

Sign your name:
Now, sign your first name on the card. You can also sign your state, such as "Katie from Nebraska", if you wish to.

Mail out the cards:
Cards for Hospitalized Kids
7290 W. Devon
​Chicago, IL 60631

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