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Meals from the Heartland is a faith-related organization that believes in the importance of prayer, volunteer service and financial giving to help save starving children. They are made up of volunteers from businesses, schools, churches, community organizations and beyond who package meals for delivery to malnourished people in Iowa, across the United States and around the world.

The search for hunger stats in Iowa. It’s a staggering problem — not just in developing countries, but here at home and across the nation. Poverty and crisis tip the scale in hunger’s favor. The question of how to end world hunger can seem daunting, but we ARE making a difference, thanks to our generous donors, volunteers and partners. Every dollar donated, every volunteer hour given and every packaged meal is helping to break the chain of hunger and save lives. Since 2008, Meals from the Heartland has provided over 230 million meals to the hungry in Iowa and around the world.

Sign up to volunteer:

Attire: Please wear close toed shoes.

Family Friendly: Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Tasks: You will be placed by groups at a table, fill meal bags, weigh them, seal them and stack them in boxes.

For questions please contact via FORM  or (515) 473-9530

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